SVEN jumps four notches as one of the Philippines’ Hottest Agencies 2023

SVEN – The Digital 1st Agency has leveled up once more by jumping from 15th to 11th place in Campaign Brief Asia’s list of Hottest Agencies! The regional rankings are determined by tabulating award-winning work, scoring points based solely on creative performance.  

We are proud to make it to the top-tier list selected from over a hundred agencies in the country! The creative works that earned us this spot were launched during one of the most challenging periods in the country and the rest of the world—the pandemic. But with great necessity comes even greater innovation, and these are the projects that helps bring us this recognition: 

Palawan Pawnshop: Kasambahay Kasambuhay 2021 
Kasambahays (domestic workers), especially those who work far away from home, often send money to their families. However, when the pandemic happened, many turned to digital alternatives. Following the lockdown, Palawan Pawnshop needed to re-establish itself as the go-to partner for kasambahays and reach out to consumers who weren’t able to visit in person. The brand pivoted and brought their annual recognition program, previously promoted through its physical branches, to the digital space.  

In 2021, Palawan Pawnshop held an online version of their Kasambahay Kasambuhay Awards, seeking nominations on social media. The campaign culminated in a Facebook livestream event that put the spotlight on the many kasambahays who were dedicated to their livelihood, giving them the recognition and empowerment that they deserve. This shift from an offline to online campaign also resulted in a wider reach of audience.   

SM Supermalls: Together, We Can 

Visiting the mall as a form of family bonding has been long ingrained in Filipino culture and SM Supermalls (SM), with its multiple malls and great accessibility, leads in this tradition. But when the pandemic hit and lockdown was enforced, SM needed to sustain that connection with its mallgoers who were currently stuck at home.  

To address this, SM launched the “Together, We Can” campaign which provided the same accommodating environment for its mallgoers right from the comfort of their home. Many SM digital events were launched during this period which catered to Filipinos’ emotional (#HealPH), purposeful (#AweSMLearning) and functional (#SMTakeOutAndDelivery) everyday experiences. 

From offering a convenient delivery service to creating an interactive digital space, the brand was able to reach out with compassion and maintain a relationship with its consumers during those trying times.  

Teleperformance PH: TPin3 – The Recruitment Time Portal (TPin3) 
TPin3 is a pioneering recruitment portal that was launched when unemployment rates were on the rise and physical restrictions prevented traditional face-to-face interactions during the pandemic. This smart Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform championed a 3-minute routine that accelerated the application process for both business process outsourcing employees and recruiters.

The Philippines’ first fully automated timesaving, voice-powered video interview platform enabled jobseekers to apply in 3 quick and easy steps:  

1. Fill out the requested information via mobile, desktop, or a kiosk 

2. Verify the submission with an SMS code 

3. Q&A interview 

The experience of working on these pandemic era projects have taught us that even in trying times, creativity and effective marketing can lead to breakthroughs for the agency, its partners, and most of all, the Filipino audience.  

Looking to learn more about these and other breakthroughs from SVEN? Head on over to our Works page.

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