A new era of

digital, with a
light culture that drives bright breakthroughs

digital: refreshed! 

There’s so much of everything everywherefrom our feeds to our work and even our goals. As the Digital 1st Agency that drives billions of hits annually, we recognized that its in our hands to give people more of what will lighten and brighten their daysand ours, too! 

Here in SVEN, being Digital 1st isn’t just about being first in new digital pursuits, but also in digital accountability. It isn’t just our goal, but our enabler to bring what’s good and better for all humans—our clients and their audiences who encounter our outputs, our own people who power our breakthroughs every day, and the communities and institutions around us that we can impact.

digital works made refreshing

We bring joyful and helpful experiences—powered by fresh takes, rooted in effective expertise— to our consumers and communities, bringing brand success and refreshing goodness every day.

working in digital made refreshing

We give our own teams an intentionally fresh always-on agency life that redefines our work, purpose, and time.

Everybody is part of one big family, so everyone's very supportive and it just makes everything more fun. The warmth of it—how it feels like home—it kind of brings the best out of what you have and they support you with what you need to learn or what you need to adjust, which is good also in terms of development.
Miguel, Sr. Account Manager
I've really seen that SVEN is open to all kinds of people. Like for example, myself—I didn't come from an advertising background. And surprisingly, despite my lack of experience, despite my lack of really knowing what goes on in the advertising world, SVEN still accepted me with open arms.
Maxine, Agency Equity & Experience Strategist
When I came into SVEN, I was a junior and I wasn't an expert in the field in any way, shape, or form. But I feel like the leads really empowered me to use my best judgment and learn and grow into the role. And that led me to succeeding as well in the company, learning really fast, and being able to make it to manager.
Jas, Media & Performance Manager
I’m happy to see SVEN focus on internal breakthroughs, not just external wins. It shows the agency’s genuine intent to make working in digital refreshing too - and that’s refreshing.
Assoc. People Innovation Director