SVEN – The Digital 1st Agency launches first NFT collection in partnership with Mintoo: “Underdogs:Unleashed”! 

The Current 2023: Metaverse and AI for Digital 1st Brand Breakthroughs happened and SVEN – The Digital 1st Agency released its very first NFT collection in partnership with Mintoo, entitled “Underdogs:Unleashed”

First released via airdrop at the two-day online conference, each attendee was able to get access to their very own digital piece inspired by the drive to embrace challenges with a winning mindset!   

In a world where underdogs are often overlooked and underestimated, it’s time to shine a light on the power of underdog thinking. Despite the challenges it faces, being an underdog is an opportunity to unleash the winning mindset. 

Why underdogs? The theme holds a dual meaning: the animal itself and the perpetual feeling of being underestimated. The SVEN team was inspired by Aspins, Filipino street dogs that are often neglected and overlooked due to their mixed breeding but are intelligent and extremely affectionate.  

Check out our OG underdog!

The Aspin’s form serves as the NFT’s main structure and paints every situation where you are unlikely to succeed but are still able to pull through. The design also incorporates motion, with the character leaping out of a circle to represent the ability to break through in a new world and break through whatever challenges are faced.  

“Underdogs:Unleashed is a gamechanger in sharing our advocacy, showcasing our craft, and empowering our team—and everyone else no matter who you are,” shares Raizelle So, SVEN’s Chief Strategy and Creative Officer. “I can’t be prouder of what our team has come up with and we hope NFT collectors both old and new are able to enjoy the art and embrace the message the collection stands for.” 

Each digital piece reminds us of embracing challenges with a winning mindset. It’s about using setbacks as fuel for growth and proving that greatness can emerge from unexpected places. 

When we adopt a winning underdog mentality, we tap into our inner strength and tenacity. We become unstoppable forces of change, defying odds, shattering limitations, and inspiring others by showing them that success is not exclusive to those who are already on top but to anyone willing to work hard and believe in themselves. 

So, here’s to every person who has been labeled a “loser,” looked down upon, or felt that they’re not good enough – unleash that underdog spirit. No more underdog thinking, just underdogs winning! 

Check out the “Underdogs:Unleashed” collection on Mintoo and watch out for when SVEN lists them for sale—real soon!  

It’s not too late to ride the wave of the current. Purchase the VIP Extended Access pass until October 6, 2023, for JUST PHP 599 at to replay ALL conference talks until the same date!  

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