SVEN secures 2 acceptances in Campaign Brief Asia 2023

SVEN is honored to have two of its campaigns accepted into THE WORK 2023. Published by Campaign Brief Asia, The Work features the very best advertising of the year from the region.


Created for Globe Business, Solutions from Shawn was a first-of-its-kind animated information and communication technologies instructional video series targeting business owners of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the country who were apprehensive about pursuing digitalization for their businesses. The star of the series was Shawn, a virtual coach with a simple, straightforward communication approach and shape-shifting abilities he used to break down complex ideas for his audience. In each episode, he helped business owners find the best solutions for their operational challenges, enabling Globe Business to provide digital business solutions quickly and reliably to its partner MSMEs.


As kasambahays (domestic workers) turned to digital money remittance alternatives during the pandemic, Palawan Pawnshop sought to reestablish itself as the go-to partner and champion for kasambahays all over the country. As lockdowns and the closure of multiple branches made it a challenge to mount its annual recognition program in 2021, the brand took to social media to expand its reach for nominations and promote its Kasambahay Kasambuhay Awards, which culminated in a Facebook livestream focused on thanksgiving and gratitude for the many kasambahays who have dedicated and committed themselves to their life’s work. 

Whether creating campaigns catering to business owners or kasambahays, SVEN’s refreshing breakthroughs manage to make a meaningful impact by remaining deeply rooted in a strong human insight powered by effective digital 1st expertise. Learn more about SVEN’s refreshing and innovative campaigns here.

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