Day 2 of The Current 2023: Showcasing Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) is happening TODAY! 

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) dominating the collective consciousness and permeating pop culture conversation, how can humanity familiarize and regulate this mysterious new technology. Is AI as scary as it sounds based on online posts circulating? Is it taking over our jobs? 

Day 2 of The Current 2023: Metaverse and AI for Digital 1st Brand Breakthroughs online conference addresses these concerns about AI, the metaverse, and more featuring another round of industry experts from across the digital and brand sphere:  

What to Expect on Day 2  

Aileen Coyukiat (Chief Experience Officer, SVEN) 

This talk provides a refresher on what went down during Day 1 while also providing a preview of what’s going to take place for Day 2.  

This Very Conference: A Showcase of Generative AI  

Raizelle So (Chief Strategy and Creative Officer, SVEN)  

Generative AI: Facts and Myths from A to Z  

Bianca Cruz Azurin (Co-Founder, 10XME Academy) 

If you want to learn more about how generative AI works, this discussion will cover the whole journey from artificial intelligence’s inception to its eventual rise.  

Driving Innovation in Content Creation: How the Creative Industry and Brands Can Harness Generative AI  

Baris Gencel (Creative and Artist Director of Experiences, Over the Reality) 

How can content creators, brands, and influencer marketing industry experts adapt and cater to its audience using AI? We learn more about the practical uses and the ways it can enhance output in this talk.  

Planning to Step into the Cookieless World? Generate Smart Ads with AI! 

Carlo Ventosa (Director for Sales, SilverPush) 

Did you know that artificial intelligence has also been utilized in other sectors outside of the usual creative marketing industry? In this discussion, we learn how Generative AI has accelerated progress in the fields of data science, analytics, and automation, and how it can further expand in the future.  

How AI Generates Inclusivity  

Denise Haak (President, Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines) 

How can we harness the power of artificial intelligence to reach out to those in need? AI can actually help with promoting the visibility of advocacies. Watch the talk to find out how. 

Revolutionizing Creator Marketing and Relations with AI  

Jako de Leon (President, Creators and Influencers Council of the Philippines – CICP), Jim Guzman (Digital Director, Unilab and Founding President, CICP), and Karen de Vera (Agency Equity and Experience Manager)  

In this panel discussion, we find out how industry thought leaders from the Creators and Influencers Council of the Philippines have approached this new technology and what it means for the future of content creation.  

Shaping the Future of Digital with Metaverse and AI  

Christopher David (Founder, XR Philippines and XR Consultant, Vivid Realities, Tinker Studio) 

With AI and the metaverse here to stay, how can we embrace the technology and optimize its capabilities to establish stronger connections with consumers? This insightful discussion will guide brands on how AI can boost their initiatives. 

How AI Propels Multiverse Generation  

Jed Chua (Sr. Technical Solutions Manager, SVEN) 

How does AI generate all these digital multiverses in an instant? Let’s dive deeper into the process and find out its inner workings.  

The New Consumer Experience Revolution, Driven by the AI-Human Work Shift 

Arvi Villacin (CEO & Chief Digital Officer, SVEN) 

How can we operationalize the usage of artificial intelligence from end to end and help enhance brand content and promotional materials? In this session, we’ll explore the opportunities and possibilities of how AI can support your major projects.  

Embracing YOU with BeautyHub PRO: AI Technology Meets Beauty   

Dani Medina (Audience Specialist Lead for PH, BeauTech Lead for SEA, Unilever Philippines) and Wence Wenceslao (Digital Hub Lead, Beauty & Wellbeing Southeast Asia and Unilever Philippines) 

The world of beauty has been revolutionized thanks to an AI-powered app called the BeautyHub PRO. In this session, we find out more about how Unilever Philippines has been leading this initiative and how it will greatly impact the skincare and beauty industry.  

Create your AI Business App in Under 10 Minutes 

Leigh Lapura (Full Stack Developer, Symph) 

Now that we’ve gained a better understanding of AI and its applications, how can we actually start our own from scratch? This talk will give you the full end-to-end journey, teaching you how to build an AI-powered app.  

Transforming Business Processes with Generative AI 

Dave Overton (CEO, Symph) 

Now how do we integrate Generative AI into existing work processes? In this session, you’ll get a breakdown of the ideal workflow to best utilize the technology. 

Can Generative Worlds Replace the Human World? 

Keith Castillo (Strategy Agency Unit Director, SVEN), Miko Medina (Associate Director for Process Innovation, SVEN), Camille San Vicente (Associate Creative Director, SVEN)  

How do we strike a balance between the online and offline world? In this panel discussion, industry professionals explore how to synergize the metaverse with real-life experiences.  

The Current 2023 
Peter Yu (Chief Operating Officer, SVEN) 

After listening to all the in-depth discussions, what are the key takeaways from this online conference? In our closing session, we process everything we’ve learned and look forward to what’s in store for the future of today’s Generative World. 

The Current 2023 sets sail until today, August 31! Supported by media partners adobo magazine, BitPinas, and The New Channel as well as its sponsors Mintoo, AAG Ventures, Heinz, and Philippine Airlines, the two-day conference will be livestreamed online for FREE. 

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