Feelings at Work: Refreshed!

It’s undeniable that there are just some topics that are difficult to address and open up about—from communication struggles, the expectations we place on ourselves and teammates, and the clashes that come about from different working styles. Regardless, these conversations are vital to improve the way we work and thrive.

We created a safe space for employees to speak out, listen, and have their experiences validated! Fresh Ka Pa Ba?: WorkLife Convos (WLC) is an internal program designed to help employees navigate the spectrum of work experiences so that they can achieve their best selves and work efficiently.

Fresh Ka Pa Ba?:
WorkLife Convos

Some of the topics being discussed during the WLC sessions are about understanding one’s role in SVEN better, the different working styles, expressing oneself at work, managing expectations, our biases, giving and receiving feedback.
WLC started as one-hour weekly online sessions that participants could attend during their working hours and has expanded into face-to-face teambuilding sessions to foster stronger camaraderie between departments. In these teambuilding sessions, teams got to know each other better through fun games, shared their individual and collective experiences at work, and resolved to further improve ongoing practices or ways of working.

thoughts refreshed

Through this initiative, participants recognized that there was nothing wrong with talking about their different work experiences—even the negative ones.

hearts refreshed

WorkLife Convos is a safe space where employees can comfortably open up without the fear of judgement and backlash.

actions refreshed

Employees actively make use of the learnings from the various sessions—not only integrating it into the way they work, but also in their personal journeys.

refreshing outcomes

100% of surveyed participants felt refreshed after participating in WorkLife Convos! Check out what they have to say below:
"It helped our team the be more open and it also helped us to be more comfortable in terms of communicating with each other."
Paolo O.
Sr. Visual Creative
“Refreshing, interesting and something new. This session is an eye-opener for me in terms of communicating with my teammates.”
Larise A.
Agency Equity & Experience Strategist