Healthy Living: Refreshed!

A rise in veganism lifestyle and the demand for plant-based options is apparent globally, and is also growing in penetration in the Philippines. However, misconceptions about plant-based meals and low active interest limit the general perception and exploration of the category locally. And while there are older players in the market, communication and appreciation for plant-based is still lacking.

unMEAT breaks through the barriers of the plant-based category by being an unexpected lifestyle gamechanger. The campaign aims to get Filipinos to integrate unMEAT into food they love, while achieving their goals through the Flexytarian lifestyle. People can enjoy the same meaty goodness—but made from 100% plant-based ingredients. Unbelievable? Nope! It’s #unBelievablyunMEAT.

thoughts refreshed

unMEAT aims to change your perception of how unbelievably and undeniably good and easy healthy eating can be.

hearts refreshed

The #unBelievablyunMEAT Campaign makes it easy for everyone to take one simple step towards healthy eating just by unMEATing their favorite food and still absolutely enjoying it.

actions refreshed

unMEAT empowers everyone (especially meat lovers) to maintain an unstoppable healthy lifestyle that makes it easy to achieve their health goals, with great-tasting and healthy 100% plant-based alternatives.

refreshing outcome

#unBelievablyunMEAT became a catalyst for renewed interest and affinity for the plant-based category and drove great amounts of reach and in key social platforms for unMEAT.
Social Leadership
• Q1 2023 Ave Impressions for unMEAT is up by 1,516% vs Q1 2022
• unMEAT achieved highest Total engagement in the category in 2023 for FB and IG (7% Growth on IG Followers; 10% Growth in FB Followers in Q1 2023)

Growing Product Consideration
• Deeper interest for the brand as seen in +129% growth in website visits
• Social sentiments showing high purchase intent with +52% increase in positive sentiments

Building Plant-Based Culture
• unMEAT Mondays showing positive reception and interest
• Flexy Lifestyle educational materials driving genuine consumer interest with high organic impressions (5K)

Signs of Growing Organic Customer Advocacy
• Happy customers are starting to proactively show their unMEAT dishes

refreshing outcome