Queueing: Refreshed!

With the pandemic forcing businesses like Toyota Financial Services (TFS) to adopt a strict, appointment-only system for its consultation services, TFS realized the need to improve its queueing system. Customers would spend hours in wait during their face-to-face appointments; meanwhile, attendants would be overwhelmed from having to book and schedule appointments manually via chatbot, email, and call.
Toyota Financial Services

TFS refreshed queueing with Schedule IQ: an online booking and appointment-setting system! Available on the TFS website, this brand-new automation system made it easy for both customers and attendants.

All customers had to do was:

1. Select their specific concern.
2. Choose their preferred appointment date and time.
3. Provide their personal information.
4. Download the generated QR code.
5. Arrive at their chosen branch and scan the QR code at the kiosk to learn which counter would assist them!

thoughts refreshed

Thanks to Schedule IQ, booking and queueing are no longer a hassle! Customers are more enticed to book appointments knowing that all it takes are a few clicks.

hearts refreshed

Everyone can now feel at ease, knowing that they can easily book appointments anytime and anywhere using their mobile devices. And to make things better, all customers had to do upon arrival was scan the generated QR code at the Schedule IQ kiosk to learn which attendant was ready help them!

actions refreshed

Since the implementation of Schedule IQ at TFS’ Makati branch, results have proven that the service has improved the way TFS does queueing management. TFS is now looking into implementing Schedule IQ across more branches in the country!

refreshing outcome

Schedule IQ is the smartest and fastest way to book an appointment with TFS! Since its launch in 2022, the service has processed and assisted 35K+ customers.