Recruitment: Refreshed!

Teleperformance Philippines
Teleperformance Philippines (TP) needed new employees at a massive scale. But with traditional recruitment methods no longer enough and jobseekers everywhere tired of having their time wasted, being ignored, and facing discrimination, TP needed an innovative way to recruit candidates and drive real interest.

TP welcomed in a whole new rush with #TPRushLive Express Recruitment: the fastest, newest, and most social way to land a job interview! Jobseekers secured a job interview from the comfort of their homes in just three steps: tuning into a weekly quiz show livestream on TP’s Facebook, correctly answering one of 15 questions, and connecting with a real TP recruiter for a secured slot.

thoughts refreshed

Driven by its core belief that every interaction matters, TP set out to redefine the recruitment experience by challenging all the negatives that have come to be accepted as normal in the job recruitment process: long waits, tedious old-fashioned processes, endless uncertainty, and potential discrimination.

hearts refreshed

#TPRushLive soothed jobseekers’ application woes with an efficient recruitment process that didn’t waste time, didn’t leave anyone hanging, and didn’t discriminate. Plus, jobseekers felt the exciting rush of being part of this brand-new recruitment innovation!

actions refreshed

Not only did this initiative offer a faster acquisition process for recruiters, but it also refreshed jobseekers with an all-new social, interactive, and instant recruitment experience!

refreshing outcome

With this first-of-its-kind livestream hiring initiative, TP successfully drove a much-needed rush in social and recruitment experience, winning over jobseekers of all kinds and backgrounds.

• 33% viewer-to-applicant conversion rate
• 1.8M total livestream views
• 1.4M total engagements
• 34.5K total chatbot starts
• 9.7K peak concurrent live views