Mindsets: Refreshed!

Teleperformance Philippines
The business process outsourcing (BPO) industry is a leading driver of the Philippine economy, but BPO employees can’t wear their jobs with pride when they constantly deal with misconceptions and discrimination on social—all on top of irate customers on the phone. For an industry where communication is essential, why do so many BPO voices remain unheard?

As a company that aims to empower and encourage employees to #TakePride in what they do, Teleperformance Philippines (TP) created THE PUBLIC: a six-episode docuseries hosted by trailblazing trans activist KaladKaren Davila that invited TP employees from all walks of life to tell their truths about real jobseeker concerns and frustrations.

thoughts refreshed

THE PUBLIC gave TP employees a platform to air out their stories, expose common misconceptions, and shake off the stigma surrounding the industry—changing not just the mindsets of those outside of the industry but those within it, too!

hearts refreshed

With THE PUBLIC, TP fostered a safe online space where BPO employees could share and relate to each other’s’ stories without the fear of backlash and judgement.

actions refreshed

In amplifying more voices and encouraging BPO employees to #TakePride in what they do, many were inspired to speak up and be truly empowered.

refreshing outcome

THE PUBLIC successfully caught the attention of BPO employees, BPO companies, fresh graduates, and Filipino jobseekers alike, jumpstarting an overall recruitment campaign that achieved massive results.

• 32.9M total impressions
• 4.5M real views
• 376K total clicks
• 33% viewer-to-applicant conversion rate
• 8.5K+ total campaign-generated applicants