Malling: Refreshed!

Everything you need is at SM Supermalls (SM), but everything is now a tap away on peoples’ phones. With everything available on online marketplaces, SM’s iconic taglines of “Everything’s Here” and “We’ve got it all for you” have become less relevant and unique to the brand. SM recognized that functional messaging was no longer enough.
SM Supermalls

Beyond putting the mall front and center, SM needed to shine the spotlight on the ones who have made it the iconic brand it is today: the people and their individual, inclusive, inspiring experiences which are made aweSM at SM.

By shouting out #YoureAlwaysWelcomeHere, SM positioned itself as THE human experience champion! The brand maximized social media platforms to drive excitement, create unique experiences that shoppers could look forward to, and share impactful stories that everyone—no matter who they were and where they were in their journey—could relate to.

thoughts refreshed

#YoureAlwaysWelcomeHere was a much-needed perspective shift for SM. SM realized that not only did it need to adapt to the post-pandemic landscape, but also today’s consumers who are diverse in identities, beliefs, backgrounds, and interests.

hearts refreshed

Recognizing that today’s consumers are diverse in all aspects, SM set out to make everyone feel welcomed and included by embracing every consumer mindset to enrich, empower, and enlighten all kinds of shoppers!

actions refreshed

To make everyone feel welcome, SM brought mallers all kinds of tangible experiences that were always relevant to them. SM was guided by these pillars:
While the world continued to recover post-pandemic, SM made sure to place the safety of its shoppers first. SM continued to innovate with convenient ways for consumers to satisfy all wants and needs while at the same time covering every preference and choice.
Aligned with shoppers’ desires for meaningful interactions, SM created all kinds of unique experiences to make every shopper interaction joyful, meaningful, and keep them coming back for more. 
Consumers desired shared experiences, experiences, thoughts, and interests in spaces beyond their homes that were both safe and welcoming. In response, SM served and abled all kinds of communities, varying in passions, interests, roles and goals, genders, ages, and preferences!

refreshing outcome

SM ushered in an all-new malling era that’s all shades inclusive, progressive, and absolutely aweSM. There’s no doubt about it: whoever you are or who you’re with, whatever you like or what you’re in the mood for, #YoureAlwaysWelcomeHere!

2.9M Mall Traffic by December 2022 (nearly 2x vs. 2021)
218M Social Engagements
238.5M Social Reach
68.1M Video Views
91.75% Engagement Rate