SuperKids: Refreshed!

Gen Alpha eagerly embraced the challenge as they embarked on an immersive gaming experience during the inaugural Cyberzone Game Fest Kids event, the first of its kind in the Philippines!
SM Supermalls

Mounted during SM’s CyberMonth, there’s no better way to celebrate play and creativity with SuperKids. This two-day tournament was held at SM North Edsa last August 25 & 26 and was put together by SM Supermalls and Cyberzone. SuperMoms and SuperDads rooted for their exceptional children as they displayed their Roblox gaming skills in a safe and fun-filled environment!

Definitely a treat for the entire SM FAM to #ExperienceFAMTimeatSM!

thoughts refreshed

The ‘SuperKids Game Fest at SM’ campaign reinvigorated our approach to gaming events, fostering a fresh perspective and renewed excitement. It transformed these gatherings into dynamic, skill-building experiences that celebrated the talents of young gamers while providing a safe and enjoyable environment.

hearts refreshed

The campaign created a remarkable transformation in the way we emotionally engage with gaming events. By creating an inclusive atmosphere, it rekindled the sense of joy and wonder that often accompanies childhood enthusiasm.

The campaign's emphasis on family involvement and the celebration of young talents allowed it to touch the hearts of parents and attendees alike, fostering a sense of community and togetherness that extended beyond gaming. This campaign not only refreshed our feelings but also ignited a sense of friendship and emotional connection that will become a joyous memory accompanied by aweSM bonding time with all those who participated.

actions refreshed

It inspired a wave of fresh engagement by encouraging more families to actively participate in these events, cultivating newfound enthusiasm for gaming as a wholesome activity. Through its focus on talent recognition and skill-building, the campaign encouraged children to take a more active role in honing their gaming abilities. This, in turn, prompted parents to actively support and nurture their children's interests in a positive, engaging, and productive manner. This activity revitalized our actions by promoting a dynamic and constructive approach to gaming events, ultimately influencing how families engage with this exciting space of entertainment.