Same Old Sale: Refreshed!

SM Supermalls
The 3-Day Sale has always been a thrilling event at SM!

People would always watch out for the sale dates, and thousands of shoppers would flock to SM malls to get discounted items that they have been waiting for. So, what is the drama? There are some who would think that the deals are not worth it, or they would expect that it will be stressful due to long lines and traffic when you are finally done shopping.

So, we wanted shoppers to see that sales do not always equate to congested malls and streets. We wanted shoppers to see the great items and even feels that they can get from the #3DaySale! And we did just that in a new and refreshing way!
And in the words of Dee Dela Cruz, it is another day, another slay!

Generally, Filipino consumers love to buy things that are on sale and with discounts. And Filipinos love telenovelas and dramas too, that is another commonly known fact. Marry all of that in one and it will be a success just like this year’s SM 3-Day Sale video series – Dealing with the Dela Cruzes!

The new episodic video content was inspired by Keeping Up with the Kardashians, a reality show with lots of spending and drama roped in, and the team really found it energizing that SM was also eager to push this concept through! We were even more refreshed as we saw how clients and SM shoppers responded to the Dela Cruz fam!

thoughts refreshed

Similar to the Kardashians, our story revolved around the shopping escapades of a glamorous Filipino family: the Dela Cruzes, with their one and only momager Deborah, classy eldest sister Dee, gorgeous middle child Darla, and the sweet youngest sibling Dana.

Introducing the family and showing their exciting shopping journey gave shoppers a glimpse of all the fun at the #SM3DaySale and consequently, someone they can truly relate to!

hearts refreshed

More than seeing themselves through the different characters in the videos, the different pullouts and gamified executions really excited the shoppers to join in on the sale events. It also gave them an avenue to share their own sale experiences and shopping wish list!

actions refreshed

Eventually, shoppers came to realize that the SM 3-Day Sale can give them so much more that just discounts and deals. It can bring out a whole lot of experiences, especially when you have your family and friends to enjoy it with – from drama to all the love and laughter!


The Dela Cruz fam was welcomed and adored by SM shoppers! This shows in the positive results and sentiments that the series has generated online, so far.

3 episodes + pullouts/AO posts

19.4M Total Engagements
14.3M Total Reach
18.4M Total Impressions
12.2M Video Views

Ultimately, the series established more current and relatable faces that can represent SM. Just like what Deborah said, we really cannot wait to see how it will turn out!