Rewards: Refreshed!

Christmas has always been one of the most wonderful times of the year for SM Supermalls. As people flocked to the malls for get-togethers, reunions, and last-minute shopping, SM was eager to provide shoppers with everything they needed during the season of giving. But with more people now making plans outside of the malls and doing their holiday shopping, SM realized that visiting its mall branches was no longer at the top of shoppers’ to-do lists during the Christmas season.
SM Supermalls

To encourage more visits and establish itself as a top-of-mind destination for all things Christmas, SM incentivized visits with vouchers in a way that was true to the brand’s innovative roots: Christmas Village 2022!

thoughts refreshed

SM knew that people needed a reason to want and claim vouchers for their own use. Christmas Village 2022 combined the functional benefit and appeal of vouchers with the brand’s take on aweSM customer experiences. Taking place in the metaverse, Christmas Village 2022 took on a gamified approach to keep them hooked.

hearts refreshed

SM elevated this year’s Christmas Village experience by encouraging stronger community ties and driving creative freedom. Players experienced the former by having the chance to chat and video call with family, friends, and even strangers in the metaverse. The latter was solidified by granting an end-to-end personal experience—from avatar customization to enabling visitors to hand-pick the vouchers they desired most.

actions refreshed

This initiative encouraged shoppers to form the habit of coming back to SM. How? In-game, players could collect in-game coins that they could exchange for vouchers that they needed to redeem IRL at SM malls!

refreshing outcome

With Christmas Village 2022, SM gave shoppers a real reason to keep coming back for more—online and offline—throughout the holiday season! This gamified, voucher-driven metaverse exceeded the performance of its previous iteration, achieving the following during its run:

191.8% more registrants*
319.9% more metaverse pageviews*
43.88% more frequent visits per user*

* vs. performance of Christmas Village 2021.