Forgotten Brand: Refreshed!

In a market with overwhelming pizza options, Sbarro stands strong as one of the OG pizza legends. With decades of history after its name, the challenge is for us to remind the old generation of Sbarro lovers, and even the new ones, that when it comes to pizza and Italian food, Sbarro IS the ultimate flavor destination.
The big idea of the campaign Go OHHH with Sbarro embraces its Italian roots, setting them apart from their competitors by serving only fresh and handmade food daily. No frozen or pre-made food here, just fresh and handmade on that day, bringing a different dining experience that we needed to translate into an emotion – OHHH. Every bite of Sbarro’s delectable dish is meant to make you feel taste and feel their dedication that goes into making each dish that will truly make you go OHHH, cravings satisfied! 

thoughts refreshed:

Given the significant role of emotions in this campaign, we put our focus on how taste, freshness, ingredients, and food preparation evoke emotions and memories that inspire the customers to keep going back to Sbarro. We realized that beyond the delicious dishes, there are stories to share, memories to cherish, and moments to relive. Emotions alone are compelling, but when combined with food, it is an even more convincing tandem.

hearts refreshed:

With over 200 UGC content pieces that we gathered on-ground during our activation and with the digital AR filter, we were able to capture genuine emotions and dining memories from real Sbarro customers. The richness of these stories and the variety of emotions we captured refreshed how we feel about doing campaigns, and it’s that the most impactful campaigns don’t necessarily require extravagant set designs or famous endorsers. Instead, it’s the real people, the customers themselves, who bring authenticity and freshness to a campaign. This campaign not only reinvigorated our approach, but it also refreshed Sbarro from a brand with less prominent presence to a fun and beloved thriving brand.

actions refreshed:

We encouraged to bring out the emotions through our end-to-end Sbarro Cam experience. It began with an on-ground Sbarro cam activation in 2 stores, capturing genuine and unfiltered OHHH expressions from real Sbarro diners. This experience was extended to the digital realm through an AR filter, which digitally captured OHHHs prompted by various Sbarro dining scenarios, making the campaign accessible nationwide. Using real customers in an end-to-end experience brought authentic results, refreshing the brand while staying true to its branding and Italian roots. 

refreshing outcome:

In just one quarter since the campaign launch, we’ve transformed ordinary meals into extraordinary moments for real Sbarro diners. The numbers speak for themselves:
• 7,024,899 FB impressions (+1891% increase from previous quarter before campaign start)
• 30,139 FB impressions (+537.3% increase from previous quarter before campaign start)
• 1,194,438 video views (+889.8% increase from previous quarter before campaign start)
• 37,153 link clicks (+7429.6 increase from previous quarter before campaign start)