Uncelebrated Milestones: Refreshed!

With so much going on everywhere and all at once, we tend to miss out on small acts that can mean so much. Recognizing and celebrating each other is one of them.

Refreshing Wins is an internal program that asks SVEN employees to shine the spotlight on teammates or co-workers for absolutely anything – personal or professional, big or small, funny or serious!

Nominations are done through a QR code flashed at the end of every Wake Up Call that leads to a short form for the details and a congratulatory message. Wins are then celebrated during Wake Up Calls and some can even receive surprise gifts through Random Refreshers.

thoughts refreshed:

hearts refreshed:

actions refreshed:

refreshing outcome:

Refreshing Wins trains our minds to seek out good things that happen every day, which instantly helps brighten our outlook and perspective on life.
From the nominees to the employees who nominate them and even the listeners of the announcements, all of SVEN experience bursts of joy and pride in celebrating each other’s breakthroughs together!
Employees have become more intentional about finding wins all around SVEN, whether through the program or just in everyday interactions.
Thanks to Refreshing Wins, we at SVEN get to celebrate everyone’s achievements and milestones, no matter how big or small. This initiative contributed to employees’ refreshed state of mind this 2023—with 68.6% feeling supported (+18 ppts vs 2022) and 60% feeling appreciated (+13 ppts vs 2022)!