Data Tracking: Refreshed!

A big challenge for Philip Morris International (PMI) is being unable to maximize platforms with accessible reporting tools like social media due to being heavily regulated. As such, they bank heavily on their website to engage customers.
Philip Morris International

With less traditional reporting available, monitoring trends and pinpointing opportunities to improve performance prove to be more challenging. The available data also comes in very raw, granular form which needs heavy manipulation in order to translate into useful information.

The idea is to adhere to the Triple A framework – Astute, Agile, and Actionable.

Astute reporting that takes into account the different initiatives and features that they released, and how they relate to results.

Agile reporting guarantees that key metrics are constantly monitored and that notable events are communicated as soon as possible.

Actionable reports are also ensured through the creation of clear visualizations and strong analytical skills, by prioritizing high-impact insights alongside comprehensive data analysis.

The idea was to give PMI a PowerBi dashboard that turns huge, expansive Excel sheets into a visual, interactive page that they can use to better understand their brand.

Meanwhile, the analytics team uses this dashboard to create pointed, insightful reports with more ease by eliminating the need for tedious data organization and data visualization.

thoughts refreshed

This projected refreshed our thinking that expansive data, while daunting at first, actually lays the groundwork for deep, insightful analysis and opens opportunities to hypothesize and explore. It also challenges the way we sometimes think that a hard task is just a hard task—when there’s usually a way to create a system that eases work for multiple stakeholders.

hearts refreshed

The analytics team continues to find it fulfilling to get feedback from the client saying that they find the reports comprehensive and helpful, and that these provide them with a refreshed view of their products and initiatives.

actions refreshed

The PMI Data Dash raised the standards for reporting, because the use of PowerBI dashboards allowed us to have complete data presented beautifully through charts that take into account user experience, and are easier to access, maintain, and understand.