Travel Perspective: Refreshed!

Philippine Airlines
Welcome to one of Philippine Airlines’ most awaited seat sales of the year: the PAL Ultimate Seat Sale! The Seat Sale that is ULTIMATELY for ALL. Find new discoveries while experiencing PAL’s heartfelt service.

This is PAL's ULTIMATE Seat Sale: the ULTIMATE experience that will surely make you and your loved ones feel included, with different executions to keep your toes on the ground and your head high. A showcase of various destinations tied in with fun and adventure for all!

thoughts refreshed

The Ultimate Seat Sale campaign refreshed the way people thought about travel—and about flying with PAL By offering irresistible deals and promotions, it rekindled the wanderlust in the hearts of travelers.

Inspired by neon lights, and veering away from the traditional PAL skies in visual imagery, we were able to play around the concept of inclusivity and fun—perfect for showcasing the heart of the campaign.

hearts refreshed

Travel became more than just about a destination—it became an experience of joy, adventure, and connection. Passengers embarked on their journeys with a sense of excitement, knowing they were in for a treat with Philippine Airlines, that offers full service for low, affordable all-in fares.

By creating a two-pronged creative approach, we were able to capture the hearts of Filipino travelers:
1. Ultimately Sticky Jingle: Crafting a catchy jingle for PAL's Ultimate Seat Sale presents a unique opportunity to enhance brand recall and create a signature that resonates with customers. The jingle encapsulated the exhilaration of travel, the thrill of unbeatable deals, and the sense of adventure that comes with choosing PAL.
2. Ultimately Stunning Visuals: Designing stunning visuals for PAL's Ultimate Seat Sale was a chance to capture the essence of finding new discoveries and the promise of unbeatable travel experiences. It was essential to blend vibrant neon colors, dynamic compositions, and iconic landmarks of different destinations to create visuals that can ignite viewers' desire to explore. These visuals should be more than eye-catching; they should be storytelling canvases.

actions refreshed

The campaign transformed travelers from passive dreamers into active explorers. It inspired them to take concrete steps toward fulfilling their travel aspirations, fostering a culture of adventure and discovery.

The campaign's impact extended beyond bookings; it encouraged a shift in travel behavior, making Philippine Airlines the preferred choice for those eager to turn their travel dreams into reality.