Travel Perspective: Refreshed!

When the world reopened post-lockdown, Filipinos took to the skies and made up for lost time with revenge travel. Settling for budget airlines who made it rain Piso Fare promos and endless seat sales, these same travelers found themselves on the receiving end of countless flight-related woes: unforeseen flight cancellations that hurt the wallet, limitations due to pre-assigned (and undesirable) seats, and a lack of in-flight food that left them more uncomfortable than ever.
Philippine Airlines

As the country’s heritage airline who always goes out of its way to provide Filipinos with a memorable and worthwhile flight experience, Philippine Airlines (PAL) showed travelers that they could fly so much better at the same price with SuperSavers!

SuperSavers hinged on three strategic pillars
that met travelers online and left a lasting impression:

super literal branding
with a catchy name (SuperSavers) and a memorable visual (a sale tag) that was present in all materials and ads.

super digital omnipresence
enabled by an intuitive full-funnel and always on media approach that enabled digital content and ads to be there every time: from the social platforms you visited to the sites you frequented.

super sulit benefits
including unlimited rebooking for all kinds of schedule changes, advanced seat selection to maximize comfort, and in-flight snacks and meals to sweeten the deal.

thoughts refreshed

SuperSavers challenged the notion that cheaper is better when it comes to revenge travel, successfully repositioning PAL from sosyal to sulit!

hearts refreshed

Flying with budget airlines usually means the vacation doesn't really start until you land, but not with PAL SuperSavers' super sulit benefits that put your minds, wallets, and bellies instantly at ease!

actions refreshed

Thanks to SuperSavers’ memorable branding, every time travelers see the tag on social, they know that they can get awesome "SuperSavings" when they fly with PAL!

refreshing outcome

With Supersavers, PAL made itself known as a top choice for budget travelers, delivering supersized results that changed the way PAL does media.

• PHP 1.8B in revenue
• 4.71M clicks
• 50x ROI in Q2 2022 (vs. 16x in 2021)
• 49x ROI in Q3 2023 (vs. 16x in 2021)
• 66.8% lower CPA in Q2 2022 (vs. in 2021)
• 63.3% lower CPA in Q3 2022 (vs. in 2021)