Travel Perspective: Refreshed!

Philippine Airlines
Philippine Airlines opens the year with the goal of flying travelers to New Discoveries of the world and even seeing the best of the Philippines. With the big premiere of one of Disney’s most iconic movies, The Little Mermaid, Philippine Airlines drives hype for the movie and for affordable discoveries through its limited-time-only Seat Sale. 

Dive into Ariel’s world as you explore the beauty, magic, and wonder of the Philippine seas. Live your mermaid dreams, explore the best islands, and Fly to New Discoveries with Philippine Airlines x The Little Mermaid Seat Sale!

thoughts refreshed

With every opportunity or occasion to discover new, travelers now choose to fly Philippine Airlines. This includes manifesting their mermaid goals to explore the PH seas with PAL.

hearts refreshed

Philippine Airlines was able to encourage travelers to discover their inner Ariel who loves to explore and stay curious about new discoveries. The collaboration created a sense of renewed excitement to discover Philippine seas and its creatures just with affordable fares, and a chance to win a limited-edition Disney’s The Little Mermaid Collectible by using the promo code when booking.  

actions refreshed

Now, new PAL travelers aren’t just booking for the usual reasons: supreme services, and premium travel experiences. They are choosing to fly PAL with every opportunity and any moment to discover new.  

refreshing outcome

PAL was successfully able to widen its net of travelers and really champion itself as a refreshing airline who flies everyone; whether they’re beach lovers on a budget,  avid Disney fans, or really those who look for airlines who drive refreshing reasons to travel.