Languishing Girls: Refreshed!

Palmolive Naturals
Heavy competition. Heavy feelings. Palmolive Naturals had to combat the very aggressive players in its category and drive up its relevance for the young Gen Z Filipinas, many of whom were in a languishing state of mind.

To bring back their lost vibrance, Palmolive launched Turn #HaaayToBuhayNaBuhay: a purpose-driven and full-scale nature-powered campaign that helped Filipinas transform their “haaay”s (lack of life) into “buhay na buhay” (full of life) moments!

The multifaceted movement championed authenticity on social and created reinvigorating experiences on-ground and in the metaverse to help Filipinas achieve their most vibrant and beautiful selves inside and out.

thoughts refreshed

In validating their experiences of languishing, Turn #HaaayToBuhayNaBuhay encouraged Filipinas to shift their mindsets from “blah” to a reinvigorated state of realistic positivity!

hearts refreshed

With initiatives that spanned multiple social platforms, offline encounters, and even the metaverse, languishing Filipinas knew they weren’t alone, that someone was looking out for them, and that their experiences were real and valid.

actions refreshed

Filipinas recognized that they could transform all their “haaay”s to “buhay na buhay” moments with one simple refreshing act that could turn things around—whether it be a quick nature moment or a feel-good bath with Palmolive!

refreshing outcome:

Rooted in audience-centered initiatives, the campaign made HUGE social waves as Filipinas’ collective and individual “haaay”s were turned to “Buhay na Buhay”!

• 61M Total Encounters
• 27M Filipinas Reached
• 1.2M Total Metaverse Visits
• 570K Organic Engagements
• +25% Social Brand Mentions
• 87% Lower Cost per Registration (vs. previous brand promos)