Promo Validation: Refreshed!

Palmolive Naturals knew that fun and exciting promos are a sure-fire way to generate purchases and engagements from audiences who regularly patronize their products—especially with enticing prizes like weekly travel getaways and daily GCash prizes. But they wanted to go beyond traditional methods to make it an easy and seamless experience not just for their customers, but also for their internal promo management team.
Palmolive Naturals

We refreshed the promo experience with the Palmolive Gandang Natural Promo—a purchase-to-win raffle promo made easier with an AI-powered chatbot!

The mechanics are easy; customers just need to:
1. BUY any Palmolive hair product in physical or online stores, then
2. MESSAGE the Palmolive Naturals Facebook page to trigger the promo chatbot—and the chatbot will do all the work!
The promo chatbot will simply ask the customer to upload either a photo of their official receipt, or a code combination of the purchased product’s batch and bar codes. From there, the AI will verify the validity of the purchase and the authenticity of the uploaded receipt, and will even scan for duplicate entries—simplifying and fast-tracking the entire promo validation process!

thoughts refreshed

Innovations like this promo chatbot open brands to the power of AI, which can help make the execution of digital initiatives quick and efficient.

hearts refreshed

High participation means a lot of promo entries, and an AI-powered chatbot saves the Palmolive team time and effort from having to do manual human verification of every single promo entry. The fans will find the process of joining so simple and easy too, with the entire journey done in 5-10 minutes, all on their mobile phones.

actions refreshed

With a lot of time saved, the Palmolive team can focus on promoting and marketing their promo, and on getting more Palmolive girls to join in the fun! This experience also opens up the possibility for the brand to continue adopting such innovative digital tools in their future campaigns and initiatives.