Everyday: Refreshed!

Palmolive Naturals
With many Gen Z Filipinas stuck in a languishing state of mind, Palmolive Naturals (Palmolive) needed an innovative and accessible way to reach as many Filipinas as possible and bring back their lost vibrance.

Turn #HaaayToBuhayNaBuhay did just that: heavily utilizing not just social media, but also the metaverse, to turn Filipinas’ “haaay”s (lack of life) into “buhay na buhay” (full of life) moments!

The Online Palmolive Positivity Hub served as an accessible digital safe space for Filipinas no matter where they were and what they device they used. The space featured a sprawling map themed after Palmolive’s natural ingredients and gave Filipinas many ways to refresh themselves emotionally and mentally:

customize their metaverse avatar

Filipinas expressed their truest and most authentic selves with a refreshing selection of stylish hair and clothes!

encounter nature finds

Nature Finds scattered across the map brought a small pocket of joy into each visitor’s life, from motivational quotes and fun facts about Palmolive’s ingredients to soothing reminders rooted in self-care.

meet old and new friends

The more, the merrier! The metaverse space allowed Filipinas to connect with others from all over the country who were just like them.

climb the leaderboard

Gamifying the experience kept Filipinas excited and pushed them to keep coming back for more. By completing tasks, visiting the platform daily, and tracking Nature Finds, Filipinas earned badges that granted them the chance to win exclusive merch and an all-expenses paid beach trip.

thoughts refreshed

Through the platform, Palmolive showed Filipinas that there was more to life than just “haaay”s, and reinforced this reminder especially through the encouraging Nature Finds on the map.

hearts refreshed

The Online Palmolive Positivity Hub boosted Filipinas’ spirits whenever they felt down in today’s post-pandemic world. And they were never alone, either—especially with the space enabling them to form connections with others through chat and call.

actions refreshed

Knowing that the refreshing space was just one tap away, Filipinas tapped into their avatar forms, let go of their #haaays, and came back when they needed it!

refreshing outcome

This innovative first for the brand proved not just to be successful but also effective in engaging its target audience, exceeding targets: