Bored Fans: Refreshed!

Ball is life in the Philippines. With over 62% of Filipinos identifying as NBA fans, it’s undeniable that basketball is more than just a game—so why was NBA Philippines’ (NBA PH) social media performance paling vs. unofficial fan groups and communities?
NBA Philippines

It was time for NBA PH to step up its social game with #RepublikaNgNBA! By transforming its socials into an all-engaging space that served as Philippine fans’ (PHans) home and community like no other, NBA PH swept major fan-driven and well-loved social platforms with a unique triple-play strategy that put the spotlight on the passionate fans, the nail-biting game, and the iconic brand. ​

thoughts refreshed

We got PHans to recognize NBA PH socials as their home by banking on the topics that mattered to enthusiasts of all kinds—including flexing #PinoyPride in our content, adding a twist of nostalgia to honor NBA past and hype the present, and entertaining with trendjacks and memes.

hearts refreshed

We took strides to make sure that NBA PH reflected the intensity, fervor, and love that PHans all over had for the game. In doing so, the brand’s approach to social was levelled up, and fans of all kinds felt welcomed no matter who they were—from the diehards, casuals, and even stans!

actions refreshed

By transforming NBA PH’s socials into a PHan-centered space, everyone teamed up to share in the love for the game. Powerful discussions, passionate celebrations, and even lighthearted teasing dominated feeds and comment sections.

refreshing outcome

Months after its initial launch, #RepublikaNgNBA proved to be PHans’ always-on homecourt, reeling in the brand’s highest social numbers.
Average Monthly Engagements on Facebook (vs. LY)
All-Organic TikTok followers (October 2022 Launch – February 2023)
Monthly Engagements on X
(vs. LY)
All-Organic Video Views on Facebook, X, and TikTok (July 2022 – June 2023)