Car Control: Refreshed!

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) continues to redefine connected mobility in the country with their suite of connected services that aim to level up the experience of every Toyota owner.
Toyota Motor Philippines

The myTOYOTA App now comes with an all-new feature: myTOYOTA Connect! Available for select vehicles, myTOYOTA Connect gives you access to a variety of tools and information about you and your vehicle—from trip summaries to vehicle location—to help you manage and maintain your car better, all from your smartphone.

monitor your miles

Check your vehicle status, from distance traveled to fuel efficiency to engine status.

track your trips

Go over your vehicle’s trip history, which records details like the route taken, distance and time traveled, and fuel consumed for each trip.

secure your car

Easily track and find your vehicle with location monitoring—even when the engine is off as it gives you its last known location (a particularly helpful feature in cases of vehicle theft!). It also comes with a geofencing feature that lets you set virtual boundaries and alerts you upon entry or exit of your pre-set zone.

get smart alerts

Keep track of your vehicle's periodic maintenance schedule by getting notified in-app.

learn your driving

See your driving scores—with ratings for your skills in braking, acceleration, and cornering—via Connected Toyota Insure, powered by AXA Philippines.

thoughts refreshed

Toyota owners can have peace of mind and be more in control over their vehicle, as myTOYOTA Connect equips them with tools that enhance their safety, security, and convenience for an overall better user experience.

hearts refreshed

With these features all available on the myTOYOTA App, Toyota owners have more reasons to love and connect to the brand.

Working with TMP also continues to be a refreshing experience for the SVEN team, whose opportunities to innovate and create smooth and seamless user experiences for consumers continue to be made possible by the brand. The TMP team, in turn, also gets to be continuously refreshed as they improve Filipinos’ quality of life through their evolving universe of mobility products and services.

actions refreshed

myTOYOTA Connect gives Toyota owners access to information about their vehicle on their mobile phones for whatever need or context. Whether it’s to know when to bring their Toyota car in for maintenance service, or to ensure the security of their vehicles through location tracking, myTOYOTA Connect gives users more control over their vehicles through a personalized experience.

refreshing outcome

Since its launch, there are now 25,820 active users* who regularly utilize the features of myTOYOTA Connect, and who enjoy their refreshed, leveled up and connected Toyota experience!
*as of October 2023