Banking: Refreshed!

GoTyme Bank
Filipinos are looking for something NEW and REFRESHING when it comes to banking in the PH.
Sure, there are lots of options for banking today.

There is the first wave—traditional, credible, and secure, but slow to adapt. Then came the second wave—fintech and e-wallets that are convenient but lack real human support and full banking services. Clearly, Filipinos need a NEW market player, offering the best of banking.
The good thing is, a third wave is here:
GoTyme Bank: unlocking the Filipino financial potential in the NEW age of banking, combining credibility and security with convenience and tech innovations, as customers get to:

• Go Save with SimplyFive: 5% savings interest rate. No missions. No limits.
• Go Shop with Nice Card, Nice Rewards: Points wherever, points boosted, points to cash.

All are secure as you bank via GoTyme Bank App, kiosks, and ATM machines, regulated by BSP and insured by PDIC.

The best part? GoTyme is the most human bank too, offering human-to-human customer support with a new way to bank!

Growing your savings significantly?
Now, that’s NEW!

Neobanks ask you to jump through hoops or offer promos in exchange for high returns. Traditional ones have very low savings interest rates that you will barely feel them.

Thankfully, GoTyme offers savings made simple, sustainable, and stable. No missions. No limits. Not a promo.

GoTyme Bank is changing the way you think about saving, as you


All save and no play?
Nah, we’re going full-speed on shopping
with a NEW card in town.

In a sea full of just cards and forgettable rewards, here is a NEW card that is cool, sleek, and looks refreshing. It takes rewards to a NEW level too—with #PointsWherever, #PointsBoosted (up to 3X GoRewards), and #PointsToCash.

That’s a refreshing way to Go Shop as you get all these for FREE in one GoTyme Bank account with a


thoughts refreshed

GoTyme Bank offered the market a new way to bank without sacrificing convenience for the best in banking. This enabled Filipinos to think differently and refreshingly about how they can grow their savings and shop with more rewards, all in one GoTyme Bank account.

hearts refreshed

Banking customers loved the card, the app, and the overall refreshing GoTyme Bank experience. Sentiments were all over social, expressing amazement and excitement in seeing significant growth of their savings at a 5% interest rate, and in shopping with an all-new, easy-to-get, and rewards-earning Visa debit card. They say it’s perfect and hassle-free, and said it with lots of brand love.

actions refreshed

From being engaged viewers to app users, Filipinos got so refreshed in what the brand has to offer that they got their hands on the GoTyme Bank App and started banking with their own GoTyme Bank accounts ASAP!

• 294M impressions
• 37M engaged video views
• 1M app downloads

To top it off, the SVEN team (and friends!) found the offers so refreshing as well that they saved and transacted more with GoTyme Bank, too!