Reverse the negative sentiments about the brand on social.

Grab, being in the transportation service industry, gets a high percentage of negative sentiments on social.
Goal is to turn things around and let the people see that Grab cares genuinely and is a real partner for success.



Wives of Grab drivers play a vital role in their family’s financial success.

According to the company’s recent study, 9 out of 10 of Grab drivers give their daily earnings to their wives.  Given this practice, their financial success does not solely rely on their day to day earnings but also on the financial literacy and capacity of their wives.



Create an advocacy brand that focuses on building the financial literacy of the Grab drivers’ wives and amplify it on social media.

We created Misiskolar, the face and brand of the on-ground leg of the brand’s financial literacy efforts targeting wives of Grab drivers. We maximized the impact and reach of such efforts by broadcasting the events through Facebook Live and supporting them with similarly themed social media content.



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Livestream   •   Live Edits


We couldn’t let the chance slip away for the stay-at-home wives– we broadcasted the seminars via Facebook Live to make it available to more audiences wherever they were. Promos and incentives were also integrated to reel in more viewers and expand the reach and impact of the events further.


Bloggers and media personalities relatable to our Grab wives acted as social media correspondents, broadcasting online updates, live interviews, even sharing more financial and family tips.


The intent and impact of Grab Philippines’ financial literacy programs didn’t stop after the big event. This was supported, amplified, and more importantly, sustained through Facebook content that highlighted saving and financial tips plus humorous takes on relatable financial blunders and truths.